100% Water Soluble Fertilizers

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  1. Liquid Urea

    Total nitrogen ( Urea, Ammoniacal and Nitrate ) per cent by weight, minimum 32.0% Urea nitrogen per cent by weight, maximum 16.5% Ammoniacal nitrogen per cent by weight minimum 7.5% Nitrate nitrogen per cent by weight minimum 7.5% Specific gravity ( at 150 C ) 1.30 1.35
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  2. Liquid DAP

    Nano Green is a new innovation from Arihant that has nanoparticles. Nanoparticles are basically particles of the minutest of the sizes. The size of nanoparticles is generally measured in terms of Nanometers, which, for common understanding, is 1 cm divided into 1 crore parts. The nanoparticles in Nano Green are usually of the size of about 100 nanometers. This facilitates a greater uptake of the much needed nitrogen and phosphorous. The plants absorb the13.5% Nitrogen and 45% Poly-phosphorous present in Nano Green and unutilized portions of the same are stored in certain parts, to be absorbed as and when needed. The nanoparticles, given their minute size, help increase the Nano Green availability to crops by almost 80%
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